Deadline for Submissions Extended

The deadline for submissions to the 2017 volume of Northern Eclecta has been extended to Monday, April 10, at 11:59 pm.

This is true for all submissions including ones from NDSU, from alumni, and from high school students.

2017 Call for Submissions

The editor-in-chief for Volume 11 is Sydney Olstad, a senior majoring in English. She has announced that the theme for 2017 will be “Destinations.” The deadline for submissions will be Wednesday, March 29, at 11:59 pm. For more information, please see the attached call-for-submissions form.

Call for Submissions_2017

Northern Eclecta Volume 10

The proof copies of Northern Eclecta Volume 10 (2016) have arrived–and the final printed copies should be available in about a week. We will post a notice here and on Facebook once they have arrived at the NDSU English Department.

Bboy Snoopy: A Meknes United Dancer

Bboy Snoopy

While studying in Morocco in 2015, Michael Casey met some interesting people in Meknes including members of a group called Meknes United. This group is a collection of different dancers who belong to different crews but who train and work together. This blog deals mostly with a break dancer in that group called Bboy Snoopy. He has been dancing for more than nine years to hone his craft and learn new skills.

Casey_A Meknes United Dancer

Fargo-Moorhead Standup Comedy

In “The Birth and Rise of F-M Standup Comedy,” Josh Dullea traces the history of this form and its current status.

Dullea_Stand Up Comedy


Jordan Engelke explains why podcasts have become one of her favorite forms of entertainment in “Why You Should Start Listening to Podcasts”:


Vinyl Returns

Vinyl records seemed to be going the way of the dinosaur–but then young people discovered them and liked them. In this essay, John Road explains the appeal of music on vinyl albums.


The Art-O-Matic

Photo of the Art-O-Matic vending machine.

The Art-O-Matic vending machine at West Acres

Have you noticed this vending machine in the Herberger’s wing at West Acres? You can purchase original art produced by various artists from it. In this blog, written during Spring Semester 2015, Matt Brieger describes the experience of an artist coming to grips with trying to produce art that will be offered for sale.


Why We Need Stories

In this post, Krista Aldrich argues that telling stories is part of what makes us human and we will continue to tell stories despite advances in technology. Websites such as PostSecret and Humans of New York have resulted in some innovative approaches to storytelling.

Why We Need Stories